Changes to the blog

I am just back from a very enjoyable Five Rhythms weekend in the south of Belgium (more here), and amongst a few other little practical changes in my life it has prompted me to make a few changes to the blog. I have realized for a while that the focus on substantive original articles has meant that I could not use the blog to share a lot of material that I nonetheless want to share with the community, including those of you who are not on (or do not regularly consult) Facebook, especially since I have integrated my personal blog with the information on the tantra and personal growth network which I facilitate.

I have therefore dropped the old blog categories and created just three new ones – “articles” which are intended to be of enduring interest to anyone interested in the themes of the blog, “shares” which consists in material produced by others that nonetheless spoke to me sufficiently that I wanted to share it with my readers (sometimes in my own translation), and finally “news and reviews”. Hopefully these three categories will allow me to organize the material better and to use Facebook less as the primary channel for publishing material in the second and third categories. I am not sure there is any way, unfortunately, to subscribe to the blog by category, but I hope the additional stream of material is more welcome than unwelcome. Of course I welcome any feedback on the new organization.

I also made the “about” page into the home page, I think it is more friendly like this 🙂

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